Charles III Ill

Palace insiders have become concerned over rapid deterioration of King Charles III's health


Elektra Rusbridger

9/17/20221 min read

King Charles III looking like he's on his last legs
King Charles III looking like he's on his last legs

CHARLES HEALTH SHOCK: Experts think Charles will be dead within the month. (Jerrod Staples/Photgasm)

Palace insiders have become "increasingly concerned" with the health of King Charles III after he was photographed leaving Clarence House with jaundiced skin and bloodshot eyes.

Onlookers were shocked as His Majesty emerged from his living quarters with his mouth lolling open and propped up by two bodyguards before being escorted to his limousine.

"This could be one of the shortest reigns of all time," claims Professor Aaron Chubb of University College Borehamwood who has been tracking the former Prince of Wales' health over the last three years.

"In a period of 24 hours we've seen The King going from being able to walk unaided to having legs like jelly," said Chubb. "There have been many medical studies which show that those from narrow gene pools are unable to cope with maternal loss, with 34% dying within a month of losing their mothers.

As His Majesty's health continues to deteriorate, the nation now faces the prospect of a double funeral.