Could this man be the new Captain Tom?

Colin Rumbelow, a retired army Major, sets off for the Ukraine on his mobility scooter.


Elektra Rusbridger

3/8/20222 min read

ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREECH: Major Colin Rumbelow gets ready to ride into the danger zone. (Bernadettia Blamsons/Pmpmedaddy Agency)

Could this 93-year-old retired major become the new Captain Tom Moore? The son of the retired Parachute Regiment Major, Colin Rumbelow, certainly hopes so after encouraging his father to ride a mobility scooter to Ukraine in a bid to raise money and weapons for the beleaguered nation.

Michael, a PR agent from Essex, insists his father is on course to reach Dover in the early hours of Friday morning, and will be seen off to mainland Europe by celebrity supporters including Jim Davidson, Rav Wilding, Dame Joan Collins, and BAZAKE Media’s very own Andy Churnwell.

“He’s seen off many dictators in his time. Whether it’s Hitler, Mussolini, Nasser, or the terrorist Nelson Mandela, these people need their wings clipping.”

The journey for Rumbelow senior holds no fears for the veteran, boasting over fifty kills in Korea, Malaya, Kenya, and Northern Ireland, before resigning his commission to join Ian Smith’s Rhodesian army to fight for the freedom of ethnic minority farmers.

After his military exploits, Rumbelow became a leading figure in The National Association for Freedom (later to become The Freedom Association) where he vowed to strike a blow against various Communist plots to undermine British society. During the 1984-85 miner’s strike, Rumbelow went so far as to infiltrate Arthur Scargill’s NUM, marrying one female activist from Merthyr Tydfil.

After successfully avoiding prison on bigamy charges thanks to an intervention from Her Majesty The Queen Mother, Rumbelow enjoyed a quiet retirement on the Essex coast after signing his house over to his son. However, Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine has inspired Rumbelow to embark on one last mission.

Rembelow pictured with his medal haul before resigning his commission to fight in Rhodesia. (Jasper Depardieu/Imperial War Museum)

“I said to my dad, you can sit here listening to the same old rubbish on BBC Radio 3 while waiting for the Grim Reaper to make an appearance, or you can go out with a bang. That’s why I bought him a heavy-duty mobility scooter with some of his savings and sent him on his way.”

The MP for Radcaster, Chad Bosewick, has used an early day motion in parliament to wish Major Colin Rumbelow well on his travels, calling him, “The embodiment of the Blitz Spirit,” and hopes his journey will inspire people to donate arms to the struggle.

BAZAKE Media will be updating regularly on Major Colin’s journey, so make sure to check in daily for exclusive interviews and insights from the hero veteran’s son, Michael.