EXCLUSIVE: Fox hunters kill woman on mobility scooter

Leaked CCTV footage shows woman ripped to shreds while out buying a newspaper and a bottle of Lilt.


Elektra Rusbridger

1/31/20222 min read

HORROR FOOTAGE: CCTV video emerges of woman attacked by fox hunters. (Video copyright of BAZAKE Media)

A fox hunt has been slammed by elderly rights campaigners after CCTV footage emerged of a pack of dogs tore a pensioner to shreds while travelling to her local Costcutters. Mrs Sedgwick, 87, set out on her mobility scooter in the early hours of Sunday morning to purchase a copy of the Mail on Sunday and a bottle of Lilt, when the hunt came tearing through the sleepy Lincolnshire village of Romsby.

While outside the Top Cutz hair salon, a pack of dogs from the Little Wallham hunt approached and set upon the pensioner, tearing the skin from her forehead and her neck. As the main hunt approached, the dogs were called off, but not before inflicting fatal wounds to the grandmother of seven.

However, the incident was being treated as an unfortunate accident before CCTV footage of Mrs Sedgwick being swarmed by the hunt was leaked to BAZAKE Media, which has prompted Lincolnshire Police to investigate.

Reaction to the footage has outraged campaigners and local alike.

'It was an utter disgrace,' said Colin Bleux of Pensioner Power, a militant splinter group of Age UK. 'One moment she was whizzing merrily along, the next, a pack of beagles were tearing the skin from her face like they were peeling an onion. This kind of violence against pensioners needs to stop. Now.'

‘I can’t believe I’m seeing this,’ said Graham Leech on the Spotted: Romsby Facebook page. ‘I’ve been a supporter of fox hunting for years, but not anymore. These guys are a bunch of posh prats. Dangerous ones!’

Anti-fox hunting campaigners are saying this is the latest in a disturbing trend for hunts trying to swerve the 2004 Hunting Act. 'We're seeing hunt organisers targeting vulnerable adults on mobility scooters as their movements mimic those of foxes. They say foxes are cunning, but these sickos are taking it to another level.’

Lincolnshire police have confirmed they are in possession of the footage but do not wish to comment on an ongoing investigation. A spokeswoman for the Little Wallham hunt has said Mrs Sedgwick’s death was ‘unfortunate’, and has assured the family that she personally has exterminated every hound involved in the attack.