Mortuary worker sacked for using corpses in comedy TikTok videos

TikTok star defended by free speech campaigners after viral success of his corpse-based comedy sketches.


Elektra Rusbridger

3/19/20222 min read

DEAD FUNNY: TickTock star sacked for darkly comic sketches.

A mortuary worker has been slammed by grieving families after being caught using dead relatives in sick TikTok videos. Reagan Horley, 39, of Glossop, has racked up thousands of views on the social media website by re-enacting famous movie scenes with the corpses in his care. In one viral hit, Horley can be seen moving the jaw of a corpse while mimicking the famous Marlon Brando “the horror” monologue from Apocalypse Now.

Jenny Houlbrook, the daughter of one victim featured in the videos recalled the horror of seeing her recently dead father dressed up as Mel Gibson in Braveheart. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My father, who isn’t even Scottish, had blue dye on his face and was screaming ‘freedom’ while Horley chuckled away. Another scene had him waving his naked arse at another corpse dressed as Edward I. I couldn’t stop crying for a whole hour.”

Despite the distasteful nature of the videos, Derbyshire police have taken no action against the TikTok star, stating that “Despite the distressing nature of the videos, no crime has been committed.” However, his employers, Co-op Funeral Care, have taken a dim view of Horley’s actions, and have terminated the viral star’s employment.

Amidst the disgust, Horley has found some high-profile defenders, including The Free Speech Union, Radcaster MP Chad Bosewick, and the comedian, Bobby Gravy. “It’s just another example of cancel culture gone potty,” said Gravy. “The videos may not be to everyone’s taste, but the impressions are top notch, and most importantly, they’re funny.” GB News are even said to be interested in showcasing Horley’s talents.

Fans of Horley have taken to TikTok to defend the artist, with some commenters even offering their bodies to be immortalised by the social media star. One user stated, “I have a tumour the size of a melon on my pancreas, Reagan. I would be an honour to have you do anything from Shrek on my corpse.”

Horley has been contacted by BAZAKE Media but has declined to comment.