MP startles primary school by claiming that he used to be in the National Front

Reports suggest that the currently nameless member of parliament made the claim on a routine visit to a school in their constituency.


Joe Douglas Home

1/31/20221 min read

red apple fruit on four pyle books
red apple fruit on four pyle books

POLITICAL HOT POTATO: Primary school education is regularly cited as a priority by focus groups in the UK. (Glandoson Trez/Cherry-Maxey Images)

It has been reported that a suspected Labour MP, striving to remain anonymous at the time of publication, has claimed they used to be a member of the National Front, seemingly in a bid to appeal to 2019 Conservative voters.

The alleged comments came during an otherwise unremarkable visit to a primary school in their constituency.

One source revealed, “The teachers within earshot were left speechless. They just came out with it when a Year 4 pupil asked them what they enjoyed doing when they were a child. Their spad [special advisor] looked particularly embarrassed, but the MP was smiling like a Cheshire Cat.”

A teaching assistant at the school claimed on their Facebook account,”They clocked my northern accent and said, ‘I bet you voted Tory at the last election didn’t you. Don't worry - the Labour party has changed for the better.’ When I said I actually quite liked some of Corbyn’s policies they seemed really confused.”

The move has drawn condemnation on social media but psephologist Steve Fields at University College Borehamwood believes it could actually benefit Labour’s electoral hopes. “People outside of London aren’t racist, but they are pretty racial-ist, and it’s time that people recognised that. We may not like it - I certainly shudder at it, personally - but it’s the only route to Labour winning an election. So there’s no alternative. I’m not saying we want to return to the days of firebombing Chinese takeaways and all that, but to simply let people know you’re on their side.”