Property firm surprise tenant with unexpected birthday gifts

Herod Eviction Services go above and beyond to mark the 76th birthday of Patricia Williamson, 75

Bazake PR

1/26/20221 min read

London, ENG: Award-winning property market momentum technicians Herod Eviction Services have have welcomed the release of covertly filmed video footage that has recently appeared on social media networks which shows a number of their workers going out of their way to celebrate the 76th birthday of Patricia Williamson, a tenant of Tonbridge Residential Lettings, one of Herod's very many satisfied clients.

The video - which has gone viral on Twitter, Facebook and Tik-Tok - shows a team of Housing Potential Maximisation Officers turning up unannounced to present Mrs. Williamson with a surprise birthday gift of a mobile battering ram and set of hammers.

Donny Hawkins, Head of Correction at Herod, explained in a statement: “Here at Herod we believe in embellishing our work with a personal touch, which is exactly what we were trying to achieve during this incident. Unfortunately due to a bureaucratic error we were six weeks early for Mrs. Williamson’s birthday, and in the team’s over-eagerness they slightly damaged the front door, but the intent was all very positive and warm-hearted.

“Sadly some troublemakers on the internet, trolls with nothing better to do, have willfully misinterpreted this footage and claimed it was an ‘eviction gone wrong’. Nothing could be further from the truth. We might be called Herod Eviction Services, but that isn’t all we do, as this extravagant act of birthday gift giving shows.

“As a symbol of our enormous goodwill, and by way of apology for the broken arm Mrs. Williamson freakishly suffered during a celebratory birthday hug, we have negotiated with her landlord to give her a two week grace period before she has to leave the property.”

About Herod Eviction Services: Tracing their lineage all the way back to a loose collective of freelancers solving property disagreements in the ‘Swinging London’ of 1960s Soho, Herod are a famous name in the industry, and have been trusted by thousands of landlords in and around the capital to empty their properties quickly, efficiently and quietly.