Queen ElizaBET set to stick with successful CEO Duncan Hurd-Wright

Award-winning innovative betting firm and celebrated chief executive will continue their excellent partnership.

Bazake PR

1/16/20221 min read


London, ENG: Betting company Queen ElizaBET, home of the 100% “We Offer Odds On Anything” Guarantee, have very happily announced that CEO Duncan Hurd-Wright will be carrying on in his position at the firm.

There had been some speculation that Hurd-Wright may move on to pastures new after three consecutive years of record profits for the upstart industry disruptor, with a move into politics rumoured following his committed anti-racism campaigning between 2016 and 2019.

In a statement, the Queen ElizaBET board’s elected spokesperson David Hurd-Wright told press:

“I am delighted to announce that the board have accepted both Mr. Hurd-Wright’s apology and explanation of the wider sociological context for his conducting work video calls over the last 22 months in so-called ‘blackface’ make-up. We here at Queen ElizaBET now consider this matter closed and look forward to moving forward in providing our essential services - which can be summarised thusly: helping punters, and helping communities.”

About Queen ElizaBET: Founded in 2016, Queen ElizaBET has shaken up the bookmaking-sports entertainment industry with the introduction of the 100% “We Offer Odds On Anything” Guarantee, a policy which sees them use an innovative AI machine learning based Odd Decision System to offer customer’s bets on anything from illegal Balinese cockfighting to dental extractions for those without health insurance coverage in Alabama, USA.