South London football team in mourning after supporter perishes

Streatham Rovers mark the passing of fan Russell Young with special press release statement.

Bazake PR

1/25/20221 min read

London, ENG: Non-league soccer team Streatham Rovers Football Club have sent their heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of supporter Russell Young who sadly passed away on Monday evening from injuries sustained at the Greyhound Lane Stadium last Saturday (22nd January 2022).

In the spirit of open dialogue and giving Russell’s loved ones the opportunity to mourn accurately in full knowledge of what happened, the Club has sought to respectfully distance themselves from responsibility.

Streatham Rovers Club Committee Chairman Spencer Carlyle explained, “We were holding a special Songs That Rock Your Nutz day to raise funds for NUTZAK, the testicular health charity, where supporters could make a donation to select a song to be played over the PA system either before the game or at half-time, with a special prize of a one hour test drive in the company of acting first-team manager Taff Goose offered to the person who performed the most elaborate dance to their chosen song. An anonymous donation, which we believe to have come from Russell Young, was made to play ‘Jungle Boogie’ by Kool and the Gang during half-time.

“Unbeknownst to us, a rope had been tethered from the top of the northeasternmost of the floodlights and the loose end left on top of the main Shufflebottom Stand. Again, unbeknownst to us - and, contrary to some reports, certainly not “egged on” by other fans - Russell had climbed up to the main stand’s roof.

“When the song reached its closing moments, to coincide with the singer’s Tarzan-esque cry, we believe Russell swung from the top of the stand on the rope, not realising that the height of the rope meant he would collide with the wall next to the disused ‘Away End’ turnstiles. Which he did.

“We were so unaware of what was going on that we were only alerted to it by the screams of a group of primary school children in attendance thanks to our Football In The Community Free Tickets Scheme.

“The scene was so awful and Russell so mangled we were amazed when paramedics found a pulse. But it wasn’t to be and we send our deepest sympathies to his family.”